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  • Tuareg silver - Onyx Pendant Necklace


    Handmade African Tuareg Pendant and Necklace Ethnic Tribal Jewelry Silver and Onyx colored. Are you looking for a unique and stunning piece of jewelry that will turn heads? Well, look no further than this.

    Wear the history and craftmanship of North Africa wherever you go! This black onyx-colored pendant is set in hand-molded Tuareg silver. Tuareg silver is an alloy of silver and copper that is hand-etched by the Tuareg nomadic groups of North Africa. Each necklace takes hours to create with detailed engravings. 19" long with a 2" pendant. Each necklace varies slightly. Hand Made in Niger. 

    The Tuareg are a fiercely independent people who maintain their Berber ways. They produce stunning jewelry in bold and simplistic designs - very geometric and symmetrical.

    The Tuareg people believe that silver is the metal of the prophet and, in fact, Tuareg women often have a superstitious fear of gold and will not wear it. Silver is a part of every family history, as it holds both symbolic and real value and is used for barter and trading.