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  • Sherlock Holmes Smoking Pipe

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    Sherlock Holmes smoking pipes, African Style! - Feel every moment. Have you ever conjured up an image of Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe in Africa?. Do this, create a detailed mental image of an elderly detective smoking a Sherlock Holmes style pipe. When smoking do you see the look on his face of pure glee, delight, peace and relaxation?. Not only that but the sweet whiff of tobacco smoke that touched your nostrils while in the same proximity. 

    A better smoking pipe, No restrictions - Sherlock Holmes tobacco pipe smoking is no longer restricted to the past. Like the detective, more and more young young people today are very fond of smoking for its purported mind-rejuvenating effect. No Deerstalker cap required. 

    Sherlock Holmes, The Perfect Experience - Pipe smoking is all about the practice of tasting or inhaling smoke. Whether you are a beginner looking for a Sherlock Holmes pipe for sale, or expert pipe smoker, there is no better way to delight in the art of pipe smoking that with our classic Sherlock Holmes Pipe. We believe the design of these pipes may be based on the Calabash Pipe Sherlock Holmes can be seen smoking in Incident at Victoria Falls. 

    Hand carved out of African blackwood this beauty will NEVER disappoint you. Each wooden Sherlock Holmes pipe has a mouth piece that can be pulled out to clean. All wood mouth piece. Needs a screen for use and to filter and stop hot embers and tobacco from getting into your mouth. So put on your deerstalker hunting cap, and be sure you take your Sherlock Holmes pipe along the next time you are headed out with friends for a smoke or a drink.

    Enjoy the style - If You are looking for quality Sherlock Holmes style smoking pipes for sale and other collectible tobacco accessories rest assured You can have them right here at We import African blackwood collectible smoking pipes directly from master carvers in Africa.

    Feel the Difference.- African blackwood has the highest density of all woods and is extremely hard and durable. This means it is the perfect material to make the Sherlock Holmes Tobacco pipe or Glass (alternative) Smoking pipe with. This wood will outlast Briar with at least three times the lifespan.

    Glass smoking pipe alternative, African People Rule! - Looking for something lighter, as strong, more unique, and less expensive than glass?  A Wooden Sherlock Holmes Smoking Pipe may be a good option.

    Smoke in style, The Detective fun overloaded..

    Every Ubuntu Transact, Sherlock Holmes Original Smoking Pipe is hand carved in Africa to honor the most famous character in fiction, Sherlock Holmes. 

    The Sherlock Holmes Smoking Pipe Specifications:
    Overall Length: 6.7 Inches
    Overall Width: 1.7 Inch
    Material: African Blackwood (Ebony)