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  • Modern Ebony Smoking Pipe

    C$35.00 C$24.00

    Ebony Tobacco Smoking Pipe

    This is the modern African tribesman's wooden tobacco smoking pipe for sale in Canada and U.S. Handcrafted in South Africa out of solid Ebony wood and modeled after the Western Sherlock Holmes style wooden tobacco smoking pipe. Each distinctive piece has been crafted to the highest of standard with a combination of rough and smooth polished Ebony wood finish. The mouth piece on the tobacco pipe can be pulled out to clean. 

    Ebony is one of the Africa's hardest woods (extremely hard and durable) and this pipe should last a lifetime, whether smoked or kept as an art piece. Each design may differ slightly.

    Every wooden pipe for sale is hand carved in South Africa making them one of a kind tobacco smoking pipes for collectors in Canada and the U.S.A. Buy a wooden tobacco smoking pipe online from in Canada. We offer the best selection & prices on a wide range of unique smoking pipes & pipe accessories for sale. Wholesale enquiries (U.S. and Canada) welcome.

    Length: 16.4 cm 
    High: 5 cm
    Wide: 3.2 cm