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Elephant Hair Bracelet African


Discover the enchanting elephant hair bracelet and genuine African artisan jewelry collection from Ubuntu Transact. The go-to source for terrific elephant hair bracelets that will add real meaning to your life. You will love the distinction that defines each of our authentic African products.

African folk are renowned for their genuine, disarming warmth, along with the distinctive elephant hair bracelet which originated in Africa many centuries ago.

Bracelets that are artistically hand crafted using the hair from the African elephant's tail will undoubtedly present themselves as a charming expression of jewelry and art. Each specimen of hand made Elephant hair jewelry also showcases the skill of an African artist while making a unique statement of style, Most people don't know that this bracelet is steeped in rich African history and legend. The African people understand that nothing fosters wealth, health, well-being, love, and harmony. like wearing an elephant hair bracelet does.

2 Knot Authentic Elephant Hair Bracelet

Beyond Genuine - Ensure you obtain your money's worth when you buy a 2 Knot elephant hair bracelet online. Make sure that it is AUTHENTIC and crafted by hand in Africa in the genuine ELEPHANT HAIR BRACELET style, and be certain that it is good quality. In African culture the two knots of an elephant hair bracelet represent and signify the earth which represents fertility and ancestors and nature which represent spirits and forces. Therefore, 2 Knot African elephant hair bracelets are understood to create balance between nature and earth. In South Africa the elephant bracelet usually can have either two, four or six knots.

The 2 Knot African elephant hair bracelets offered on sale are made of natural African materials. They have the look and feel of Genuine elephant hair bracelets which cost many times the price. Very popular and super comfortable. For a more exotic look. 
If the knots on the bracelet are tightly bound they will not come loose and they do not slide loose on your arm -  they hold their position - you will not be able to wear the bracelet if the knots come loose because it will slide over your hand and fall off.
Elephant hair bracelets should be worn 24/7 because the natural oils from your body will help preserve the fibers. Every 6 months or so you should rub olive oil on the fiber or hair - this will penetrate the bracelets.

Product Description: It's the real elephant hair bracelet of your dreams - Adjustable size. Hand Made in Africa to suit your style & budget.. 

African Elephant - General Facts:

The Worlds biggest land mammal, African Elephants have hair on diverse parts of their body, with the most visible concentrations located around the ear openings, chin, stomach, eyes and tail.

L. africana is the larger of the two African Elephant species 

    L. cyclotis being the Smaller of the two. They have Downward-pointed tusks and smaller rounded ears. 

The male African elephant is much bigger then the female elephant. Usually around 25 feet long, stands 11 feet tall, and can weigh in at up to 14,000 lbs. 

The average African elephants physical description is as follows: 

        Head and body length including the trunk: 19-24 feet 

        Shoulder height: 10-13 feet 

        Weight: 5.5-7 tons 

        Tail size: 4 feet 

        Elephant Skin: Can be 1 inch in certain places and usually hairless 

        Tusks: Present in both sexes 

            African Elephants have two prehensile extensions at the tip, which is used like a hand. 

            Serves as a nose, hand, extra foot, signaling device and tool for gathering food, siphoning water, dusting, and digging. 

        Feet: Wide and padded which enable elephants to walk quietly