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Elephant Hair Bracelet African


Elephant Hair Bracelet

African ingenuity at its best. Our cleverly designed elephant hair bracelets are quintessentially South African - Discover the original elephant hair bracelet and genuine African artisan jewelry collection from Ubuntu Transact. The go-to source for the perfect elephant hair bracelet for sale anywhere that will add real meaning to your life. If the Elephant is the African continent's greatest animal, the elephant hair bracelet is her most renowned jewelry in the markets of the world. Each bracelet promises inventive use of elephant tail hairs. 

Africans are an inventive and clever people. The elephant hair bracelet is the offspring of an inventive African mind. For many centuries African tribes have become adept or prolific at producing jewelry from the tail hairs of the mighty elephant.  

People in Africa are well renowned for their genuine disarming warmth, along with the distinctive bracelet which is known and talked about by many people; some famous. In fact wearing an Elephant hair bracelet has become a quintessential tourist experience for tourists seeking benefits when visiting South Africa.

Bracelets that are hand crafted using the hair from the elephant's tail are quintessentially African and will undoubtedly present themselves as a charming expression of jewelry and art. Each specimen of handmade Elephant hair jewelry also showcases the skill of an African artist while making a unique statement of style, Most people don't know that this bracelet is steeped in rich African history and legend. The people in South Africa understand that nothing fosters wealth, health, well-being, love, and harmony. like wearing an elephant hair bracelet does. The benefits of the bracelet are promised to those who wore it.

Authentic Elephant Hair Bracelet

Beyond Genuine - Ensure you obtain your money's worth when you buy a 2 Knot elephant hair bracelet online. Make sure that it is AUTHENTIC and crafted by hand in Africa in the genuine ELEPHANT HAIR BRACELET style, and be certain that it is good quality. In African culture, the two knots of an elephant hair bracelet represent and signify the earth which represents fertility and ancestors and nature which represent spirits and forces. Therefore, 2 Knot African elephant hair bracelets are understood to create a balance between nature and earth. In South Africa, the elephant bracelet usually can have either two, four or six knots.

The bracelets offered on sale are made of natural African materials and provide the typical benefits. They have the look and feel of Genuine elephant hair bracelets which cost many times the price. Very popular and super comfortable. For a more exotic look. 

How to Wear?

If the knots on the bracelet are tightly bound they will not come loose and they do not slide loosely on your arm -  they hold their position - you will not be able to wear the bracelet if the knots come loose because it will slide over your hand and fall off.
Elephant hair bracelets should be worn 24/7 because the natural oils from your body will help preserve the fibers. Every 6 months or so you should rub olive oil on the fiber or hair - this will penetrate the bracelets.

How thick is Elephant Hair? 

The Hair acquired from an African elephant can be extremely coarse or thick with a single strand of hair known to measure more than 56 Centimeters or 22 inches. Typically one end of the hair strand is thicker than the other end. To produce a bracelet that is uniform in thickness the hair must be cut and pieces of the same thickness gathered to create the bracelet. Older elephants provide thicker hair - thicker elephant hair in South Africa is more difficult to obtain which is why some bracelets are more costly. Older elephants are also known to have white hair - although this is extremely rare.

Product Description: It's the real elephant hair bracelet of your dreams - Clever Design, Adjustable size. Hand Made in South Africa to suit your style & budget...