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  • Ebony Elephant Smoking Pipe

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    Elephant Smoking Pipe

    Meticulously hand carved Elephant smoking pipe. Each of these solid African ebony tobacco smoking pipes is a unique piece which will compliment any Elephant lovers collection. 

    About This Elephant Pipe

    Ubuntu Transact now offers you the chance to own a magnificent Elephant Pipe and piece of South African heritage and express yourself with the classic Elephant tobacco smoking pipe with trunk raised..

    South Africa has a long tradition of creating imaginative and thought provoking art. This includes the Elephant pipe tribal carvings, Ebony smoking pipes and unique hand carved tobacco pipe collectibles. 

    The African elephant is the world's largest land animal. The biggest Elephant in Africa can reach up to 7.5 m in length, 3.3m in height at the shoulder,and weigh in at 6 tonnes.

    The trunk of the African Elephant is an extension of the upper lip and nose and is used for communication and handling objects, including food.

    Each Elephant Smoking Pipe Measures Approx:  Length 16 cm x Width 3 cm x High 3.5 cm