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    Crocodile Belts 

    After wearing one of UbuntuTransact's perfect crocodile belts you will never own another belt that's not sold by Quality Crocodile Skin Products. The craftsmanship on each of our crocodile hornback belts is unsurpassed. You just can't find this handcrafted quality of genuine crocodile or alligator belt workmanship online anymore. Luxury crocodile belts for sale - featuring a combination of superior crocodile leather with genuine creative harmony and unsurpassed mastery of exotic belt handiwork. 

    Beyond compare, these exotic leather belts are made with real African Crocodile skin. This style belt will certainly appeal to all belt buyers considering luxurious Hornback alligator. Our choice belts give off a lovely shine and are lined with real leather. These lustrous crocodile belts are available with either a silver finished buckle or super fashionable solid brass crocodile buckle - see the image. Exclusive Hornback Crocodile tail belts that are superior quality and made with authentic materials. Available for you to choose in many different sizes, from 28”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, and right up to 48”. 

    Important: We suggest you pick your crocodile belt two or three sizes larger than your pants to obtain a genuine fit. If you wear a 32″ trouser waist, a belt labeled 34″-36″ will probably be in the right neighborhood. The more asperous and luxurious Hornback crocodile belt is an exceptional addition to casual dressing. 

    Full Product Description

    African Crocodile

    Handcrafted in South Africa

    Saddle leather backing

    Silver or Cast Solid Brass Crocodile buckle

    1.5 Inches wide 

    Each hornback crocodile belt is accompanied with a CITES permit. Please allow us a few days to prepare the permit before we ship to you. This is a mandatory document required for the import and export of crocodile belts into Canada, U.S.A, UK, Europe, and most countries Worldwide.