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  • Animal Shaped Pipes


    Animal Shaped Pipes

    Why not smoke Ubuntu like? - With a smoking pipe that is shaped like a wild animal from Africa. Most beautifully handcrafted Animal handpieces are carved with love and a joy to share, or show off to friends and colleagues! These are African made by artists in southern Africa who express their humanity and man to an animal relationship in smoking pipes.

    We trust you will find this to be an intriguing category of our site. Ubuntu Transact's Wild Animals, African Creatures, and Game Things. Here we have smoking pipes shaped like wild animals and other creatures such as the Lion, Lioness, Crocodile, Baboon, Elephant and Rhinoceros. Analytically unique and charming, they add a certain Africanness to your smoking, do they not? All pipes are carved in Southern Africa and are well priced so they are affordable to purchase!

    We invite all pipe smokers to meet these amazing creatures. Experience the uniqueness of smoking pipes used in popular African culture, discover pleasure treasures from the wildest continent on earth.

    Carved from African Blackwood which is very dark, very dense, and very hard, perfect for smoking.

    Approx Dimensions - Each Animal Pipe Measures:  Length 16 cm x Width 3 cm x High 3.5 cm .

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