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  • African Trade Bead Necklace


    Trade Bead Necklace

    Ready for a New Necklace? Trade Up. Thrive!, upgrade your image and feel the spirit of humanity with our flawless African trade bead necklace from Ubuntu Transact - For power, adorableness, and soul. Bring some beauty to your life, add some beaded African inspiration to your wardrobe by wearing trade bead necklaces from Africa designed for today’s perspicacious woman, seeking something charming, unique, symbolic and dazzling. The color balance is outstanding and the beads are genuine. Wearing this Trade Bead Necklace will leave you feeling motivated, resilient, and ready to take on life's challenges. 

    Simply the best there are. We carry African trade bead necklaces that highlight the most stunning beads available today. Add some African beauty to your appearance with these magnificently made necklaces. Each is spectacular and one-of-a-kind finished using carefully selected colored glass trade beads. 43" long. Authentic Artistry at its Best!

    Produced on the African Continent -  Our exclusive necklaces are well crafted using meticulously selected antique trade beads from South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Tanzania, and Uganda. Without exception, all of the trade bead necklaces we offer for sale are inspired by the artistry and rich history of the African tribes

    Historically, African trade beads were used as a form of currency to trade for food, slaves, and supplies. without exception, each antique trade bead is unique and beautiful.