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Trade Bead Bracelet


African Trade Bead Bracelets

This eye-catching and one-of-a-kind trade bead bracelet is a must have. Each of the beads is legitimate African Trade beads. Additionally, all of the trade bead jewelry that you find on our site is handmade by African artists. 

Splendidly produced African beaded bracelet made from colored glass trade beads. Stretchable elastic band fits most wrists. These are ingenious pieces and no two bracelets are exactly the same and cannot be specified on the purchase. Trade beads have a protracted history of the African nation of Ghana. In fact, Ghana beads were once a form of national currency and were used to purchase many different kinds of goods including alcohol, slaves, and even textiles. Hand Produced in Ghana.

Trade Beads in the Context of African History.

The history of trade beads can be traced back to the to the 15th century with the arrival of Portuguese trading ships on the coast of West Africa to exploit its many resources, including gold, slaves, ivory and palm oil. At that time, glass trade beads were a major part of the currency exchanged for local African people and products.