Together We Thrive!

How We Got Started

Founded in 2015 by Charles Burden who was born, educated and raised in Africa. Over the years and after numerous return visits to Africa from Canada, we have been able to forge many meaningful relationships and connections with the tapestry of peoples and cultures there that enables the company today to offer for sale exceptional African art, artifacts, and numerous other products from every corner of Southern and Central Africa. 

Drawing on a lifelong knowledge of Africa enables us to go directly to the artists, villages and markets dealing directly with the artists, craftsmen, and people who create and produce the exquisite objects we bring to you. The interactions we have with the artisans provide welcome income for both their families and communities whose standard of living is generally quite low. 

Why The Name Ubuntu Transact?
The word "ubuntu" is very easy to understand when you have visited and experienced Southern Africa and her people, who are rich with art, creativity, power, and enchanting.

By understanding that every interaction we have with people affects and influences the lives of others, and in return our lives are equally affected, we can learn to appreciate the community spirit and family bonds which exist within African tribes.
We at Ubuntu Transact work very hard to represent the spirit of "ubuntu" in all of our transactions with each and every one of our North American clients, African artisans and suppliers alike. 

We look forward to connecting and sharing our experience, expertise and passion for Africa honestly with you the client, with the sole purpose of ensuring that "together we thrive!" in each and every transaction. 

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